Hey Cameron,

Hope all is well and this finds you abundantly blessed.  If their was a way in which you would be able to bypass all of the exhaustive & mind-numbing labour that inductive study requires, it would be to ask the one question that the entire segment is answering.  Of course, coming to the point where you know what that question is usually is what all the labour is working toward.  When you find that the author uses repetition to show you what His point is then the questions more readily will present themselves.  However, if the author emphasizes a different structure it can get a bit tricky. 

All that to say, If you took the time to make an in depth study of 1 John chapter 1 you may find that the entire segment answers a single question, and that question is the definition of something. If you examined John 1:1-18 you might find that the entire segment answers another single definitive Identity question. Let’s say you took the time to study Acts 13-14 you might discover that the question being answered is another definition that has to do with a certain role.
The ideas in some of the segments are so tied up in these questions that once these are answered everything unfolds for you.  Of course figuring out the questions is the whole point of your inductive study and if they were just given to you then it wouldn’t be inductive would it?

Blessings, Leep