Hey Cameron,
I’m glad you are making some discoveries in 1 Samuel. One of the greatest joys in Bible study is when it all comes together.  It’s like looking at those strange pattern pictures in the mall that if you cross your eyes just right you see a train or a bird.  I knew that if you could be honest with the text and look at what questions were being answered, you would agree that Hannah really does a great job of illustrating a weedy heart. 

The second segment seems to be about Eli. Eli is a priest by position though very derelict in his duties.  He doesn’t seem to think very highly of God or God’s people. He isn’t hearing from God, nor is He speaking to God.  He isn’t speaking for God, nor is he hearing much from God’s people.  However it cannot be disputed that he his definitely a priest. 

Again I think that Eli gives us another look at a weedy heart.  Someone who is legitimately born-again but is not bearing fruit.  Someone who is legitimately born-again but is not investing in their relationship with God.  As far as segments go, this makes the 3rd segment very logical as it describes the enemies of God really treating God(by way of the Ark)irreverently, and God’s own people doing the same. 

Technically a born-again believer is a Priest(according to the New Testament) and is considered among the people of God, and a weedy heart is only in addition to that not interactive between God and God’s people, nor is he or she treating the Lord reverently.

Just some things for you to think about while you study through the book.