Hey Cameron,

Ephesians 6 certainly is an interesting portion.  You said that you broke it at 5:22 and carried it on till the end of chapter 6.  I think that is the normal division most people make, and it certainly has supporting evidence.  Whether you break it at 5:22 or again at 6:10, it doesn’t really affect the ‘Spiritual Armor’ section substantially.

The most interesting verse in that portion will be verse 14.  The question is what are loins? if you can answer that question conclusively you will have a better idea of what the author is implying with the entire section.  It doesn’t seem very consistent that this section is imaginary – just seeing yourself putting on these items like clothing.  The best place to start would be ‘Loins.’ Define your terms.  Use the principle of textual consistency.  Ask the text, ‘Where in the bible does the word ‘Loins’ refer to your waist? 

It’s really not that controversial, its just being honest with the text and not reading anything into it. So nowhere in the Bible do loins refer to your waist. They always refer to the groin. Therefore it seems significant that Paul would call us to cover the private areas of our lives with Integrity.

Blessings, Leep