Hey Cameron,

It sounds like things are going great over there.  You are always going to struggle with the amount of time that is needed for inductive bible study and the amount of time needed to live a normal life.  My suggestion would be restructure your activities and develop new hobbies.  Instead of watching TV for an hour a night, study.  Instead of going to the gym for two hours, go for half that time and spend the rest thinking about what you are studying.  I have never met anyone that didn’t have to work for it. 

That being said, we had spoken about the repetition in the first segment of Galatians and the implications that brought out.  Clearly repetition was the dominant force behind the segment.  The author was using repetition to show his readers his point. 

The second segment is quite different.  Look at the terms, the structure, the literary form and the atmosphere.  Pay very close attention to the literary form.  Galatians is an epistle.  It is ideological.  It communicates a central idea in the first segment and builds off of that in the subsequent segments.  However, though epistolary form dominates the manuscript, the author is not bound to that – He isn’t bound to anything.  Galatians doesn’t betray epistolary form, it just has layers.  If you were to examine the material that follows the first segment in light of the possibility that it might utilize a different literary form, while at the same time creating a thought that follows the first segment, you might be pleasantly surprised at the amazing continuity of the text as a whole.

Blessings, Leep