Hey Cameron,

Hope all is well and this finds you abundantly blessed.  How are your studies?  There is a passage in the Bible where part of the king’s administration cabinet finds a copy of the Law inside the temple after the king’s order to clean out the temple.  They bring it to the king and he responds very positively.  The king in turn brings the discovery to the people but he doesn’t bother to explain that it was actually discovered by his scribe.  The king shares this discovery with his people and the people respond very positively.  He shares a discovery with his people that he didn’t discover, but in doing so those that he shared with were abundantly blessed. 

So, I was wondering if you had any Biblical discoveries you could share with me?  With all of your Inductive studies you are involved in, you must have something good that would be a blessing to those with whom you share.  If you shared it with me, I could share it with others without giving you any of the credit! HA HA HA HA!!!

In your Inductive Bible Study it is always important, as you are well aware, to keep in mind that you are to keep everything within context.  When we are in the ‘Asking Questions’ phase of our Inductive study, we must keep in mind that  all questions are to be answered within the immediate context of the passage.  If we cannot answer the questions we are asking from within the immediate context but rather have to got to another book of the Bible to find the answer then we are going “out of conext” without realizing this is not a question that the text is raising.  remember to distinguish between the questions that the text is raising and the questions you are raising.
Well, give the family my love. Leep