Hey Cameron
Hope all is well and this finds you blessed.  If you want a great example of ‘Atmosphere’ doing its job, look at the suffering segment in the Gospels.  Every paragraph has an atmosphere of suffering, so you will want to focus your questions on what each bit of the paragraphs have to do with suffering. 

Deductive Bible study is reading into the text what preconceived notions you possess, and to a certain extent that’s what you do if the author is using atmosphere strongly.

I would ask, “What does this have to do with suffering?” “What does this communicate about suffering?”  So we inductively observe that the author is using atmosphere to create the relationship between the paragraphs and communicate His segment of thought.  So 5that is what I meant when I said, “We don’t do perfect inductive, it’s impossible.”  It is impossible.  So if we read into Luke 23:39-43 suffering at every corner, it will change the questions we ask and the conclusions we make.

Jesus is crucified between two malefactors. One of them says to Jesus, “if you are the Christ save yourself and us.”  The other criminal rebukes that guy and testifies that they both are getting what they deserve while Jesus is innocent. He turns to Jesus and says, “lord remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus looks at him and says, “today you will be with me in paradise.”

The first criminal is telling Jesus that there is no good reason for him(the criminal) to be suffering. He doesn’t think that he deserves the pain and suffering of crucifixion. We know he thinks that because it’s the other criminal that tells him that is the case. And it is the other criminal that instead of trying to get out of suffering, asks Jesus not to let this present experience of suffering exclude him from a future relationship with the Lord. 

Now that is something practical, and can be beneficial for developing application questions.  For Instance, “Is it possible for us to allow suffering in our lives to exclude us from a future relationship with the Lord?” That will propel you into all kinds of questions about Anger and Bitterness.
I hope that is helpful.