Hey Cameron,

I think everyone who teaches the bible experiences the same struggle as you’re going through.  In addition to personally struggling, you will also find people in the church who are all too ready to explain to you how your teaching is very legalistic, and how you should not necessarily water it down but certainly expect people to change over a longer period of time. It’s also tricky because you are all too aware of your own sin and that adds to the struggle.  However Jesus had the same struggle.  His message was of good news, freedom, healing, restoration and comfort and they wanted to kill him for it(these are people that carried their bibles around with them)   In Luke 4:38-39 Jesus stands over a woman and rebukes a fever. 

Now this may be taking it too far but the language seems to imply that he is on his feet, straddling her.  In that position he rebukes a fever.  It seems as though he is drawing peoples attention not simply to His healing and restoring power but the supernatural power of His word.  Throughout the segment(Luke 4:14-6:11) we find Jesus wanting to communicate the power of the word to heal, and to liberate, and to comfort. Luke seemingly veers off that track and gives us a bunch of paragraphs with people doing things that they have never done before, walking in ways they’ve never walked before, leaving their old lives behind, and committing to a lifestyle of obedience to the word of God.  REPENTANCE MEANS ALL THOSE THINGS.  The message that Luke appears to be communicating in the segment is that there is supernatural healing power that can be experienced when you walk in repentance and obedience to the Word..

So be encouraged to continue to teach the word. That doesn’t mean teach about the word. It doesn’t mean teach the history, teach the culture, or teach the Greek language… Teach what the word of God is teaching.  The holy spirit is going to supernaturally empower a believer and how much more so when that believer that you are teaching decides to make the application that the author intended the reader to make.  So the encouragement is – teach the good, healing, liberating, restoring, and comforting news.