One of the things that will prove invaluable in your Inductive Study is learning to chart a segment.

In order to help you try to visualize the segment and actually see what the author is saying it helps to chart the book paragraph by paragraph.  After making notations in it you are more likely to see the changes and breaks that the author is making.  This is an explanation of a less than elaborate segment chart.

Basically, you are examining the relationship that each paragraph shares with the adjoining ones based on your notes therein.  This allows you to see what the author is using to get your attention.
As you begin to get the hang of charting your segments you become increasingly aware of the author’s use of Language, Structure, Literary Form, and Atmosphere as paint on His canvas.  This is one of the surest ways to focus on what the author is saying.  Hope you enjoy it.

Blessings, Leep