Hey Cameron,

Hope all is well. 

I actually included much of chapter four in the segment with chapter three of Matthew.  Mostly due to the connections between the content of the material comprised of the four paragraphs in the third chapter and that in the first few paragraphs in chapter four.  Here are the relevant questions:

  1. What is the key idea of 3:1-6?
    1. What is John preaching?
    2. What are his illustrations?
    3. What was John doing in conjunction with the message that he preached?
    4. What is the significance of what he was saying &doing?
  2. What is the key idea of 3:7-10?
    1. What was John rebuking the Pharisees for?
  3. What is the key idea of 3:11-12?
    1. What was John baptizing for?
    2. How does that relate to verse 12?
  4. What is the key idea of 3:13-17?
    1. What is implied by John hesitation?
    2. How does that relate to the previous paragraphs?
  5. What is the key idea of 4:1-16(four paragraphs)?
    1. What is the devil doing to Jesus
    2. What is Jesus doing?
    3. What Jesus fighting against?
    4. How does that relate to chapter three?

Those questions will be of tremendous value to you in your study of that material.  Wherever you break the segment is ultimately your responsibility, however the text will limit your options.

Blessings, Leep